Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Early this morning, off duty Newark Police Officer Michael Morgan was shot and killed in Paterson, New Jersey. He was a good friend of my son Joseph and a great cop. It is a terrible loss for Newark, society as a whole, and most importantly, his loving family. May he rest in peace, may God Bless his family, and may the Archangel Saint Michael watch over the colleagues he left behind. -BERNARD B. KERIK


  1. Without any pre-arrangements, I was doing my job at Four Seasons Hotel in Amman Jordan, I met with Bernard Kerik... He was always ready for anything, full of energy, with charisma and strong personality... He came to Jordan with a big mission, he did it well... I met some of the police officers who worked with him, they always talked positively about Kerik... His fingerprints are clear at the Jordanian Police, if you look at the difference on the way the police in Jordan treating protesters and the way you already saw in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Syria, you will know what Kerik did in Jordan...
    On the personal level, he respected everyone he met, as well he was very well respected from the ones he met too...
    I had the pleasure to meet with you Bernard Kerik.

  2. <3 mike will be missed everyday. He will never be forgotten. His smile could light up a room. Mike my dear friend I hope you finding peace wherever you are. <3

    Perfectly said Mr.Kerik


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