Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For the past several weeks, politicians, members of the media, and community activists have made Raymond Kelly, New York City's Police Commissioner, the target of scathing criticism over the NYPD's intelligence and surveillance operations that have principally focused on publicly accessed information relating to Muslims and Muslim communities. He's been accused of racial profiling and infringing on the privacy rights of the general public, and in a strange way, he has been made out to be some sort of monster for doing his job.

Based on all reports, like it or not, Kelly is operating within the law and doing so for good reason. No one knows the ramifications of failed intelligence--or not enough intelligence--better than the men and women of the NYPD. They do not have to be reminded that New York City continues to be a primary target for members of Al-Qaeda and radical Islamic extremists.

The FBI, CIA and Department of Homeland Security are working around the clock to protect our country and our borders. But let's not forget, New York City is in a league of its own. Ray Kelly may get some help from the federal government, but at the end of the day, the safety and security of New York City is his responsibility. The buck stops with him. If, God forbid, things go bad, those same critics today would be calling for his head. This is wrong...dead wrong!

Let Ray Kelly do his job and protect the people of New York. For those who have difficulty letting him do so, take a walk down Memory Lane dating back to September 11, 2001. Reflect on every close call that we've had since, every thwarted attack on our city. Intelligence and surveillance often saves day. Unless or until Ray Kelly does something outside the law, let him do his job to protect the people of New York.

We will all be a lot better off for it.
Bernard B. Kerik

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