Sunday, July 11, 2010


Just last week, I stressed the importance of dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the threat they pose not only to Israel and Europe, but to the Arab countries as well.

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial on July 9, 2010, which expounds on that theory specifically detailing the concerns of Yousef Al-Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to the United States.

According to Ambassador Al-Otaiba, the UAE and other Arab countries fear a nuclear Iran as much and perhaps more than Israel does. When asked if the Ambassador wanted the United States to intervene in Iran’s bomb program, he answered, “Absolutely.” He then went on to highlight a point that is not often addressed or mentioned by the pundits, and that was the immediate threat to the United States of a nuclear Iran, which in turn would have an enormous impact on the security of our Arab allies. That threat isn’t a threat against us here at home, but more so, a threat to military assets buried within the Arab region.

The Ambassador’s concerns for our assets obviously has a self-serving interest, that being that a multiple attack on the U.S. installations in the region would clearly diminish our ability to defend and support our allies like Dubai, Israel, the UAE, Jordan, etc. If that happened, many countries in the region would reluctantly cower and run for cover toward Iran if they lacked the assurance that the United States was willing or able to confront Iran.

The Ambassador and I concur that a nuclear Iran will never be deterred by sanctions, and that the U.S. or Israel needs to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities. We further agree that THE TIME TO DEAL WITH IRAN IS NOW.

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