Monday, May 13, 2013

"The Heartthrob and A Sad Mother's Day"

According to published reports, thousands of American teenage girls are "crushing” over the 19 year old Boston terrorist bomber, Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev, and leading a social media movement to exonerate him.

As a parent, I cannot think of anything more sad, disappointing and disgusting.
What parent in their right mind would allow their children to make such sickening and insensitive comments, considering this sick and deranged terrorist, killed three people, and injured more than 200, including 13 that lost limbs?

These girls with their empty souls, and morally bankrupt skulls, are exactly why parents, educators, and our legislators should be championing and mandating the re-birth of civics in our children's classrooms.

Where are their basic respect, discipline and common sense of right or wrong? Where are their parents? Where are their mothers, on this Mother's Day?
There is one mother who is grieving the loss of her eight year old son, and who may need help tending to his grave site  There is another mother mourning the loss of her son, a police officer, who is sadly suffering the first Mother’s Day without him in her life. There are other mothers sitting in hospital bedsides, with their sons and daughters that were massacred in this heinous act of terror. There are bedpans to be emptied, and patients that need a helping hand to compensate for the one they lost, as a result their "cute" heartthrob terrorist.

Maybe these mindless teenage girls should be studying the history, the Pledge of Allegiance, or the U.S. Constitution, and learning how their stupidity is what risks the very freedom this great nation was founded.

This movement, and the comments made by these girls, raise some serious questions about their parents, and their educators, but most importantly... what is happening to our country? Mothers give life to, protect, nurture, and teach to form the hearts and minds of all children and citizens who are then entrusted to build the future of our great country. 

Today, on Mother’s Day, there’s proof their work is most vital and clearly never done.