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Saturday, August 24, 2013


In the past few days, we have seen teens that beat an elderly man to death for no reason, and others that gunned down a college student, because they had nothing better to do.

Guns, drugs, gangs, and violence, are increasing at levels that are hard to believe. Where are these kid's parents? Where is parental accountability? How do we get into the minds of our young men and women today?

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher recently gave an acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards that received national attention when he told America’s children, that work is a good thing, to be smart, and to build their own lives.

His message was dead on, and although his message didn’t surprise me, what did, is how many people watched it and said, “Oh my God… what a great message for our youth.”

No kidding!!!! But, why aren’t America's children getting that message from their parents, their schools, or the music or rap industry?

Maybe they are the ones, Ashton Kutcher should be speaking to. Kudos to him, for getting people to pay attention, and kudos to those parents who didn’t have to be reminded, what they should be teaching their own kids. All others --- WAKE UP!